Saturday, 10 October 2015

Day 7

I'm exhausted. Probably the most tired I've ever been since arriving. 
We still don't have accommodation for next week but things are looking up. 
Because we had to find a room we didn't go to the camp today and instead stayed in town. In the afternoon around 5pm we went to the port with some balloons and soap bubbles and decided to go cheer up some kids while they waited for the boat. 
Mission accomplished !!! 
Around sunset I started becoming light headed and decided to sit down for a rest. I sat near the sea and there were some people around. 

There was a little shy kid and me and Jack did some bubbles to try and make him smile. We played a bit with him an then his father introduced himself to us. We stayed talking with them for 4 hours until they boarded the ferry (see previous post for full story). They gave us some food from Iran, taught me words to use when I go to Iran and asked me many questions about Europe. I hope they felt more relaxed and hopeful about the journey ahead. I gave them my email and asked them to tell me when they are safe. I hope they do. 
When the ferry arrived a queue started to form there were so many people!!!
We said goodbye to our new friends. They want to get to Germany. I hope they find the safety and normal life they are looking for. 
On the way back home we saw many people camped in the port. Maybe waiting for the next ferry, maybe resting, maybe with no money for the ticket. Who knows?
At home, all I can think is about the long journey ahead of Puria and his family. I even put it on google maps so I can visually understand the hardship they will have to face. I hope they reach safety fast. I hope people welcome them. I hope police is nice to them. 

Off to sleep. ZzzZzzz

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