Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New, News, All New.

I keep waiting for the right moment to make this post. I think my whole life I struggle with that: the right moment. 

I'm in a home that is not mine (but feels a little bit mine), studying for an exam I didn't expect to be taking anytime during my life, in order to start a job I could only dream off in the last few years, so I can move in with my best friend to a place we will finally be able to call home. 

Life works in funny ways. I wish I could encapsulate all the feelings and thoughts that are going through me at the moment. There's the nerves taking over my whole body, the excitement about new adventures, the fear of not being able to rise up to the challenge, the desire to curl up in bed with a book and live the simple life, the sadness for the heartbreak and realising I went from being in a team to be a solo player. The happiness for being able to read a good book, walk along the river, have a pint in the sunshine. The kind of happiness you only feel when you're truly free, like I know I am. The 3am cycles home after a good laughing session with friends, the 4am ukulele playing sessions, the 5am staring at the ceiling sessions wondering about the size of the world. 

How blessed that I get to live this life.