Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Day 11

It may not be very interesting for you to read that I don't have any dramatic stories today. To me that is so good to hear. We spent another day distributing clothes, diapers and baby milk. We are happy doing this. We put a smile on many faces and although it is a simple job, it's a rewarding one. This is enough for us. 

The stream of refugees is steady at the moment. It is only a rough figure but maybe 2 000 / 3 000 a day in the non Syrians part of Moria Refugee Camp, which is where we are based. The police change the system of the camp everyday. The conditions for non Syrians keeps deteriorating. The queue has been moved to a very bad location that becomes dangerous at night. It has no lighting, no protection and it isn't safe. It's on a muddy path next to a busy road. It's not even inside the camp. There are no toilets, nothing. In the meanwhile, a new part of the camp was constructed or Syrians on the day the prime minister visited. It was all made to look very nice and like everything is amazing in here. It's not. Why aren't all refugees treated the same? It's almost funny to think of discrimination between refugees. But anyone working at Moria recognises that this is a problem. 

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