Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Day 23, 24 and 25

The good weather is back. That means dry people, dry camp and smiles all around. Things really changed in the last few days! There's a new registration system (there's always a new registration system), and a new place to queue. It's much better like this! People have access to the toilets and the medical clinic, even before they get registered. And there's many tents and space to sleep. I'm happy to see the changes!

There's still some need for clothes but not that much, as people are usually dry, so me and Jack spent the last few days organising the clothes room. We are leaving in one week and want to make as much work as possible. 

There was a big toy donation :) it cheered up a lot of kids! They are all gone now. 

It makes me very happy every time I receive a message from someone that wants to help! 
This week I'm spending the money that has been sent to me, on much needed items. I'm only here for another 7 days so if you have been thinking about donating and haver don't it yet, now is the time. 

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