Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Day 12

We were once again in Moria distributing clothes and other items to the refugees. I thought I would bring my phone with me today and get many photos so you can get a better feel for what our work is like everyday.

A guy came and asked us for help because he lost his backpack and everything else he had, during the sea crossing. I grabbed a small bag and put in it a tooth brush and paste, soap, shampoo and some sardines. I waved goodbye with a smile and wished him luck. That was all I could do. 

I went around the queue of families waiting to get registered and found this little girl running around with no shoes on.  That's an easy problem for us to fix. Grabbed her some sandals and socks and she was ready to go. 

This little lady came in with her father. His clothes were wet and we found him some new ones. While he changed I got to baby sit and play with her. She seemed to cry except when I would turn my phone on and take pictures of us. 

The organisation Save the Children, prepared an donated these kits so we could distribute them around the families that needed them. It has the basic items they may need: diapers, wet wipes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, plasters and lastly, something the ladies are always too embarrassed to ask me about, sanitary pads. 

This old lady was waiting for her turn to register and was shivering. Grabbed her a blanket so she could wrap up while waiting. That was all I could do at the moment.

The conditions at the camp are really bad, but for some reason the media and some organisations make it seem really good. I don't understand why. The place is so dirty that the clothes we give away get filthy within minutes. There's no shade. The wind blew the plastic and is yet to be fixed. There is sooooo much rubbish everywhere. 

This is the area where unnacompanied minors stay in before they get transferred to the organisations in Athens where they get help and support. 
It's a sad looking place that looks like a prison. The social workers and psychologists try and make it nice for the kids, but the look of the place is really bad. 

I leave you with a photo from a dinner we had last night with the whole team working with our organisation in Lesvos at the moment. It was nice to meet everyone and have a chance to talk. I'm not a hypocrite, each person paid ther dinner. Not the organisation. ;)


Manuela Branco said...

És uma pessoa extraordinária, Sara. E muito corajosa!
Muitos parabéns pelo que fazes pelos outros. Deus te dê sempre saúde e a possibilidade de continuares essas obras maravilhosas. Um grande beijo, com uma enorme admiração!
Manuela Branco

Anonymous said...

quando se tem mundo, ganhasse outra perspectiva das coisas... pena sermos tao poucos a partilhar deste lado do muro...
Sara, preciso de detalhes sobre os grupos da NZ. Vi o teu AMA e deste nota de existirem 2 diferentes. Consegue mais detalhes? estou interessado em trocar alguns contactos aqui em Auckland, consegues ajudar? ricardosg015z@gmail