Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day 26 and 27

For many and various reasons, it's getting very hard to make these posts.

How can I write "today was a good day", when only a few kilometers away 10 children drowned? 

I think I should go back to stick to facts. 

Today I spent the day sorting out different things: I went to distribute some bread to the people waiting at the queue for registration. While there I realised that 99% of the people didn't know how the new system works.
There's tickets issued with numbers and you need to wait until your number shows up on the white board before you can join the queue. For example, if the board says "numbers 1 to 1000" and you have number 300: you can join the queue.
If you have number 1200, you can't. 
It's a hard system to understand if you have no sign explaining it and the police only speaks Greek and a bit of English.

I made a sign in English, got someone to translate it to Farsi and the police photocopied them a few times. I went around showing them to people and a few refugees helped me stick them around the camp so others could read and understand. It was such a simple but glorious moment. It was so funny to see people reading the sign and laughing out laud. I guess because after hours or days of not understanding, it took a simple A4 paper and a few seconds to get it. 

My mind is a mess. We have only 6 days left here. What will happen afterwards? We don't know. How do you simply leave this place? But how can you stay? 

There's so much more to say. But it's too painful to talk about the bad stuff. Not again. It makes me sick to my stomach to repeat the horrible things that have been happening here. 

Here's a photo of Jack distributing our supplies of blankets, clothes, milk, shoes and many other items that the Doctors of the World store at Moria camp. 

Good night. 

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