Thursday, 12 November 2015

To: Students from St Dominic's International School | From: A very proud person

Dear students from St Dominic's International school,

You may not know much about me, so I thought about writing you all a letter and introduce myself.
My name is Sara and I'm a portuguese girl who moved abroad when I was 18. I have had the chance to meet many incredible countries, but most importantly, beautiful people around the world.

I became very sad about the news on TV regarding refugees arriving to Europe and because I had some free time, decided to go and help. I became even more sad when I saw the amount of children (and adults) who didn't know what would happen to their life in the near future and if they would have anyone to play with when they arrived to their new country. 

Miss Robidas contacted me to see what we could do together and I thought: there must be a way that we could show these children that there are many friends in Portugal and all over Europe that want to play with them. We came up with the idea of asking you all to write letters to the refugee children, but what you did went beyond my expectations!

When I received the envelope with the letters you all wrote, I held it close to me like a precious gift. As soon as I opened it and started reading it I got flooded with love and warm feelings inside. How precious you all are and how compassionate! You should be proud for having a good heart and spirit and wanting to share it with the world! I know I'm proud of you. 

I took your letters to the refugee camp where I work. I handed them in one by one to the children I would see walking past me without a smile. I did my best to explain that this was a letter written very far away, but specially for him/her. It would get them a bit confused, but once someone translated your card, they would smile and look at me very intrigued. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo from everyone I handed your cards to. You see... there were so many of them, and so many children wanting one, they just went like hot cakes :) but I can assure you that everyone appreciated your notes and drawings. 

I did get a few videos and photos, because I wanted the world to see how wonderful friends you all are! 

I'm very proud of your kindness and it makes me happy to think that you all are somewhere in Portugal, being amazing friends to one another and that when someone new arrives to your school you welcome them just as well. I hope to be your friend one day too! 

Keep on being awesome! 


Ps: there was so much glitter inside that package that even now, three weeks later, I still find some on my clothes. And it makes me smile every time!

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Its always a pleasure to browse your posts and seeing this happening. Thanks for sharing

Ricardo nz